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IT managers today face many challenges in trying to leverage the full potential of their mission-critical networks. Many companies are experiencing tightened network IT budgets and tougher restrictions on their capital expenditures leaving most IT departments struggling to maximize the increasing demands from their business units.

Today's IP data networks are growing more expensive and complex due to pressure from business applications, e-commerce, greater connectivity between the corporate LAN and Internet. The steady increase of a mobile workforce also adds to this dilemma. Mirage Tech provides a complete suite of Network Infrastructure services to help you plan, design, implement, and operate business-critical network infrastructures.

Our Network services focus on integrating new networking systems without disrupting your ongoing business operations. Mirage Tech can provide value-added services such as IP addressing, router configuration, Quality of Service optimization and project management. Our network implementation capabilities include construction and rollout of network operations/management centers, router rollout and implementation, and switch deployment.

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