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Home Computer Repair On-Site

Years of experience, combined with cutting-edge tools allow us to find out what's wrong with your computer, and fix it! Is your computer running slow? Internet connection problems? We can remove most viruses and spyware and prevent them before they damage your computer

Data Recovery Experts

If your hard drive has errors, we can help recover your data. We can back-up blocked data, find critical files, and restore most damaged or deleted files, depending on the drive's condition. We can save your data from your old hard-drive to a new one, or even save to CD.

Computer Data Backup

We offer affordable backup solutions for every computer. We offer portable hard drive backups onsite, or we can burn your backup files to CD. We also offer a complete backup solution for frequent backups and critical data, including hardware, software, and setup. We have packages for every budget and need!

Hardware upgrade, or software upgrade

Dramatically improve your computer's performance. Faster computing, increased storage, more program space

System Cleanup

It doesn't take long for your computer to gather dust, dirt, oils, and other matter that can cause problems. Moving, shifting, and even normal use cause loose cables and connections , decreasing system performance or causing failure altogether. A dirty floppy drive or CD/DVD lens can cause your programs to crash, and can degrade sound and video quality. Plus, your computer has a lot of "junk" programs that you either don't need, that cause software conflicts, or slow down your computer dramatically.

Remove Ad-ware, Mal-ware, and Spy-ware

Many websites leave tiny programs inside your computer without your knowledge or permission. They collect data about your computer, your internet activity, and even worse. Most anti-virus programs miss them. We can hunt them down and remove them quickly and effectively.

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