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Computer Security

Antivirus Installation, Virus Scan and Clean

Protection against serious system and software damage from viruses. Includes installing Antivirus, Virus Scan, configuring the program to your specific computer, and checking for existing viruses.

Spyware and Adware Removal

Many websites leave tiny programs inside your computer without your knowledge or permission. They collect data about your computer, monitor your internet activity, make your computer run slowly, and even destroy your data. Most antivirus programs miss them. We can hunt them down and remove them quickly and effectively.

Firewall Protection

Protect you from hackers, Trojan horses, and external snoops. Includes installing and configuring appropriate firewall software, and testing the system to increase safety measures.

Secure Hard-Drive Wiping

Don't throw out your old computer or hard drive! It still has data. Even if you delete all files and folders, your personal, business, and private data can be easily recovered. Permanent secure removal of your files requires special equipment. We can process your old hard drives quickly.

Internet History Cleanup

Reduces potential security risks by clearing hidden Internet History, Files, and Cookies. Improves protection against surfing trails, password theft, and sharing of other personal information. Plus, it greatly improves computer speed!

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